KR1100 3D Printing

The following is basic documentation of the hardware and software necessary to adapt an ‘off-the-shelf’ LulzBot Taz HS+ 1.2 Tool Head for use on a KUKA KR-1100 Industrial robotic arm with a heated bed.

This work is a part of an ongoing collaboration between Shelby Doyle, Nick Senske, and Erin Hunt and was supported by grants from ARCC, AIA Upjohn, and Autodesk.

The image below links to a Google Drive Folder with following supporting files.

Hardware set up:

  • 3D print attachment files
  • Assemble toolhead electronics
  • Mount toolhead with attachment to robotic arm
  • Create tool in KUKA
  • Set up the griddles with aluminum on top to create a flat surface
  • Create base plane in KUKA

Software set up

  • Note: This is set up so that the movement of the robotic arm and the control of the tool head are separate
  • Flash firmware to the toolhead (you will need a USB cord)
  • Load GCode onto an SD card and insert behind toolhead LCD screen – the GCode provided here is for ABS printing continuously without any retractionProduce geometry to 3D print
  • Produce KR1100 tool path using KUKA PRC by Robots in Architecture
  • Load onto KUKA the .SRC file produced from PRC
  • Send .SRC to KUKA on AUT (Automatic)
LulzBot Taz HS+ 1.2 Tool Head on a KR-1100 Robotic Arm
Electronics Set Up
Heated Bed: Pancake Griddles + Aluminum