Arranged Access Equipment  

Communications Building | Location

Please arrange access to support coursework with CCL Staff. Faculty support is expected for arranged access equipment.

Form 3 SLA Printer

1 x Formlabs Form 3 SLA Printer and 1 x Formlabs Wash and Cure

Note: There is clear resin available for small prints. If you require more than 20 mL of material we will charge your UID $1 for each addition mL. If you require specialized resins then please purchase resin and a tray from Formlabs and bring with you. This machine requires CCL Staff support.

Lulzbot Tax Pro Dual Extruder

1 x Lulzbot Taz Pro Dual Extrusion FDM Printer

Note: Please provide your own filament. Must be 2.85 mm diameter. This machine requires CCL Staff support.

Large Format Printer

1 x EPSON SC-T5170 Large Format Printer

Note: You will need to provide you own paper (a few recommendations sold in the ISU Bookstore.


Plasma CNC

Additional Equipment

Sewing + Embroidery

Textile Equipment

Vinyl Cutter + Wire Bender + Laser Cutter

Environmental + Energy