Architecture Fabrication Shop

1125 Communications Building | Location

The Architectural Fabrication Shop (AFS) is first come first served and free for use for all ISU Architecture Students. The AFS is supported by undergraduate staff during these hours and includes model making and project areas, meeting areas, informal pin up spaces, photography lights and backgrounds, 3D printers, and a sheet cut printer. Nine hot-wire foam cutters are available for check out and use outside.

Students are expected to bring their own supplies, dispose of any trash, and remove large items to the dumpster.

The equipment in the AFS is supported by CASTLE fees and the Department of Architecture. Please see the CCL Canvas for workflows and machine specifications. Card access issues should be reported to Mike Miller, Director of Operations for the College of Design.

Questions? The best way to understand the work that we do and the equipment available to you is to come in person and talk to the staff during their shifts! If that is not possible then please e-mail the CCL Staff.

Model Making + General Work

There will eventually be 40 tables, 20 LCD monitors with HDMI cords, and 5 rolling TVs with HDMI cords available for first come first served use. Currently we have 28 tables, 16 LCD monitors with HDMI, 5 rolling TVs with HDMI cords. Please bring all model making supplies, use a cutting mat when making models, and clean up before leaving.

Photography Spaces

5 x FotodioX LED Studio-In-a-Box (20 x 20″) and White, Gray, and Black photo paper with a set of lights.

There is a 3rd photo set up with paper and lights in 1049 Communications.

Large Format Printer

1 x EPSON SC-T5170 Large Format Printer

Note: You will need to provide you own paper (a few recommendations sold in the ISU Bookstore. There is a $0.50 per SF charge for ink. Please work with CCL Staff to review the workflow and complete U-Bill charges.

3D Printers

24 x 3D45 Dremel 3D Printers

Note: You will need to BYO – Bring Your Own Dremel PLA Filament Only and there is a filament recycling station for PLA Filament Only. Blue tape, glue sticks, and scissors are provided. Please clean up after yourself.

1 x Formlabs Form 3 SLA Printer and 1 x Formlabs Wash and Cure

Note: There is clear resin available for small prints. If you require more than 20 mL of material we will charge your UID $1 for each addition mL. If you require specialized resins then please purchase resin and a tray from Formlabs and bring with you. This machine requires CCL Staff support.

1 x Lulzbot Taz Pro Dual Extrusion FDM Printer

Note: Please provide your own filament. Must be 2.85 mm diameter. This machine requires CCL Staff support.