Fee-for-Use Digital Fabrication

Please contact Dayon Roster for questions regarding access droyster@iastate.edu

1055 Communications Building | Location

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Available Fee-for-Use Equipment

  • $0.10 cents / minute for CNC cutting


  • CCL staff support providing setting up the job to be cut
  • In stock bits:
    • ½” ball nose, 3/8” end mill. ¼” end mill
    • All other bits must be approved by the staff and purchased by the user


  • 2 students must be present for the entire time the job is being cut
    • Students are expected to arrive on time for their cutting times or they may lose their right to use the equipment
    • All material to be provided by student
    • Students are expected to do their work when CCL staff are available (see Calendar) and not to ask for time outside of these windows
    • Students are expected to clean the area and dispose of waste materials
  • Max job time for individual project 4 hours (per week)
    • Max job time for studio group project (ie site model) 12 hours (per semester)

ShopSabre 5’ x 10’ CNC

Stinger 2’ x 3’ CNC

After the job is complete charges for use will be billed to your U-Bill please have your NetID and UID number or Course Fee Worktag ready!