CCL Co-Founders

Shelby Elizabeth Doyle, AIA LEED AP is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Stan G. Thurston Professor of Design-Build. She was hired under the ISU President’s High Impact Hire Initiative to combine digital fabrication and design/build at Iowa State University. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia and was a Fulbright Fellow in Cambodia.

Nick Senske is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Iowa State University College of Design. His research looks at computational software as a cultural artifact and has been presented internationally at conferences and workshops. In the past, his work has examined the most effective ways to teach computational skills in professional architecture schools, and his design work explores the physical implications of ‘craft’ in coding and scripting. Senske was previously Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He received a B. Arch from Iowa State University and a SMArchS in Design Computation from MIT. He is currently completing his PhD in Architecture at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Student Researchers

The work of the CCL is made possible by the dedicated work of our Graduate and Undergraduate Research Assistants:


  • Dai ‘Bill’ Le, BArch ’22
  • Yanjiu ‘John’ Bai, BArch ’22
  • Hiba Salih, BArch ’23
  • Aneesh Mandava, IND D ’22
  • Haley Gunnerson, BArch ’23
  • Aidan Andrews, BArch ’24
  • Paavan Joshi, MS ’22

(Studying abroad) Gabby Robles-Munoz, BArch ’23


Shivang Patel, BArch ’22
Oliver Goche, BArch ’23
Brett Biwer, BArch ’21
Jacob Gasper, BArch ’21
Cyle King, BArch ’21
Gautam Pradeep, BArch ’20 / MS ’22
Bryan Dellett, BArch ’22
Tyler Beers, BArch ‘20
Anna Lukens, BArch ‘20
Hannah Underwood, BArch ‘20
Michael Stanley, BArch ‘20
Michael Oddo, BArch ‘20
Kane Hassebrock, BArch ’19
Hao Wang BArch ’19
Haoran Zheng BArch ’19
Jinqi Gu BArch ’19
Tom Goetz MArch ’20
Tuyen Le BArch ’21
Sarah Schneider, Barch ’18
Nick Loughrey, BArch ’1
Nakisa Dhpanah, MArch ’18
Rahul Attraya, BArch ’17
Melissa Brooks, MArch ’17
Erin Hunt, BArch ’17
Andrew Meyer, MArch ’17
Makayla Natrop, BArch ’18
Atalie Rhunke, BArch ’19
Sirina Reed, BArch ’19
Nasar (Tony) Saghafi, MArch ’17
Anna Kroll MArch ’16
Zhenhua Yin MArch ’16
Graham Hanson, MArch ’18

CCL Co-Founder Emerita

Leslie Forehand was a Lecturer in Architecture from 2015-2019 and co-founded the CCL where she guided the development of several 3D printing initiatives and design-build projects. Leslie holds a Master of Architecture from Pratt Institute and a BS in Architecture from the University of Virginia along with her future work: @leslieforehand and

CCL Lab Associate Emerita

Erin Hunt  was the 2017-19 ISU Computation & Construction Lab Associate where she oversaw operations and conducted research. Her research interests include construction applications for additive manufacturing technologies, specifically 3D printing. She was an Undergraduate Research Assistant with the ISU CCL and she holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State University. She is pursuing a Master in Design Studies in Technology at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Ceramic Research Assistant Emerita

Kelly Devitt was the 2017-19 Ceramic Research Assistant for both the ISU Computation & Construction Lab and the ISU Integrated Visual Arts Department. Her research explores Cone 6 and High Fire glazes, the use of different clay bodies and consistency in ceramic 3D printing, and her personal work explores large sculptural forms. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Iowa State University. She is pursuing a Master of Art in Ceramics at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Former faculty fellow: Reinaldo Correa, Lecturer in Architecture