COVID-19 Response

After researching the many ideas and methods available the CCL decided to focus its efforts on 3D printing parts for face shields. We are building off of work done by @prusalab and tested in the field by @storrslab_uncc then integrated designs approved by the NIH. Early prototypes included work by @princetonarchitecture and a team led by @therealmitchmcewen We are amazed by the fabrication community’s willingness to share and think through how to responsibly help during this difficult time. A small contribution to the many fighting this pandemic on the front lines.

Much thanks to the CCL student team who are on socially distanced rotation for their work in making this happen: @anna.lukens @bryankdellett @tybeers25 @gautam__pradeep @michaelstanley_ @oddodoingthings @thegreatgasper @hannahmae_96 If you are in Iowa and could benefit from a donation of DIY single use face shields then please let us know. @arch.iastate @isucollegeofdesign #covid19 #digitalfabrication #faceshields #3dprinting

Our goal is to produce 1,500-2,000 face shields in the coming weeks for donation to local and rural Iowa hospitals, with distribution coordinated by Alliant Energy. (There are many unknowns that might keep us from that goal but we will work as long as we can!)

Live link to process photos

The results are likely an imperfect solution but as PPE is in short supply in Iowa we are doing what we can with our 3D printing and modeling experience. If you are a medical professional and can provide feedback please e-mail here or message us on Instagram @ISU_CCL.

Live link to feedback received from medical professionals

First prototype from the ISU CCL based on designs from Prusa Lab and UNCC Storrs Lab.
Second prototype from the ISU CCL based on feedback from local healthcare providers.



The original design came from Prusa Labs in the Czech Republic:

  • Then began integrating approved designs from the NIH 3D Print Exchange which offers a model repository for COVID-19-related designs. This collection contains only “authorized, validated, or otherwise tested designs that can be used by manufacturers to fill gaps in the supply chain.” More info on Forbes.

Live link to 3D print files and face shield files and previous iterations

RC2 was tested by medical professionals and adapted by Alex Cabral and the team at Storrs Lab at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

What we have learned is a 0.5kg roll of filament of PLA will yield +/- 20 face shield parts (top headband and bottom piece). Our team is wearing masks and gloves and Clorox wiping down everything as we go and immediately storing in plastic bags.

Live link to budget and material sourcing information.

3D Printed Parts Using

Face Shields

Head Straps

Bags to Store

CCL Student Employees

  • Tyler Beers, BArch ‘20
  • Bryan Dellett, BArch ’23
  • Jacob Gasper, BArch ’22
  • Anna Lukens, BArch ‘20
  • Michael Oddo, BArch ‘20
  • Gautam Pradeep, BArch ’22
  • Michael Stanley, BArch ‘20
  • Hannah Underwood, BArch ‘20




From the ISU Office of University Counsel: ISU makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the donated equipment, including, without limitation, compliance with quality, regulatory, accreditation or national standards of care. ISU expressly disclaims any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement related to the donated equipment.  Users of donated equipment should independently determine whether the donated equipment is appropriate for the use intended.

This work is being supported by a donation from Alliant Energy