Instructor: Roman Chikerinets, Assistant Teaching Professor

Students: Abdulrahman Abdu, Ben Brown, Anannya Das, Lin Huynh, Calise Gritters, Nicholas Kurth, Collin Lytle, Connor Mougin, Nicholas Palmer, Aarthi Saravanakumar, Morgan Tweed.

Inspired by studies of naturally occurring patterns in botanical specimens, Triangularis resulted from the need to provide a shading canopy for the northern side of the Stomping Grounds Café in patio in Ames, IA. A floral motif may be discerned from the petal like shapes of the individual componential surface made of shade flutes that are organized in concentric patterns on a triangular grid.

Students utilized both analog and digital approaches to design and fabrication. Fabrication included the use of additive manufacturing and CNC milling for component fabrication at the ISU Computation+ Construction Lab. Materials include a system of stainless steel cables and detail combined with exterior grade shade cloth supported on a steel structure.

The project was designed by a graduate architecture studio ARCH 581 at Iowa State University, College of Design, Department of Architecture during Summer 2019. 

Structural consultants: Tometich Engineering

Steel fabrication: Custom Steel Services

Funding for the project was provided by the Stomping Grounds Café.