The ISU second year design studio (ARCH 202) was invited by the Reliable St. artists’ collective to design a new installation for their upcoming opening. Reliable St.  is a non-profit organization which is currently developing an entrepreneurial incubator and community space with live music, food, coffee, and a bar. Several College of Design faculty, as well as local Iowa artists are participating in the effort.
The project, entitled SHIFT, is a public outdoor space of shifting stacked elements that integrates seating and spaces for play. It is constructed primarily of cedar lumber and deck screws. The installation also includes a LED lighting display powered by solar panels donated by PowerFilm, a local Ames company. The project is partially-funded by Reliable St. as well as a 2017 Fieldstead Studio Outreach Grant. Additional project sponsors include Lowes, Saul Engineering, and MODUS.

Roman Chikerinets, Lecturer in Architecture
Reinaldo Correa, Lecturer in Architecture
Bosuk Hur, Lecturer in Architecture
Nicholas Senske, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Andrea Wheeler, Assistant Professor of Architecture


Abdelrahman Al-Bakri, Nahla Al-Naamani, Ahmed Al Yaseen, Camila Alzate, Seth Andrews, Mary Azelborn, Madeline Bany, David Becker, Tyler Beers, Brady Bender, Melissa Benggawan, Tarun Bhatia, Nicholas Blazek, Matthew Bong, Kylee Cangas, Jiayan Cao, Chao Chang, Courtney Chartier, Rui Chen, Lonas Chiu, Colten Christiansen, Matthew Cramer, Merwick D’Souza, Jordan Denny, Alexander Dutoit, Rodolfo Escamilla, Abigail Fear, Hemant Godhani, Zachary Hall, Eric Heckman, Emma Henry, Alec Hoppe, Seth Jenkins, Do Yeun Kim, Tomi Laja, Shuocheng Li, Shimin Liu, Anna Lukens, Quinn Lyons, Elizabeth Mahr, Kelsey Maier, Brooke Mallon, Obhishek Mandal, Ryoka Matsuno, Brandon Maxey, Andrew Miller, Melissa Miller, Grant Morthland, Rodcely Muro-Garriclo, Ronit Nanda, Karlie Nelson, Shuhan Nie, Alicia O’Neill, Michael Oddo, Ruchi Patel, Makayla Peterson, David Phan, Nicholas Pieper, Nicholas Piloni, Vinay Porandla, Fernando Ramos-Carvalho, Grace Reynolds, Nathan Sands, Gregory Schaub, Sana Shetty, Ryann Slycord, Michael Stanley, Marilyn Stephanou, Alyanna Subayno, Ziang Tang, David Tucker, Chidiebere Uguru, Hannah Underwood, Tyler Vincent, Xiangqi Wen, Duncan Westphal, Casey White, Evan Williams, Xian Wu, Mengying Wu, Zihan Xiao, Zifan Xu, Hongyu Yao, Shuocong Yuan, Xianze Zeng, Rui Zhang, Xueyun Zou