Mini cities fuses computational engineering with 3D printing to challenge visualization techniques utilized in hack-a-thons. Sponsored by the Information Assurance Center at Iowa State University, 20 unique cities were designed, modeled, and fabricated by architecture students at Iowa State University and then outfitted with circuitry and lights that diagrammatically visualize infrastructure performance. The Information Assurance Center, a university research center dedicated to the practice of managing information-related risks, hosts a series of hack-a-thons that trains students to defend infrastructure grids against attack. These cities will replace dated 2D graphics previously used during sponsored hack-a-thons, allowing participants to have greater spatial awareness of the grids they are defending.

ARCH 436 Advanced Digital Media, 2016
Leslie Forehand, Lecturer in Architecture


Brett Adams, Ahmed Al-Othman, Alaa Aldoss, Rahul Attraya, Ian Dillion, Peter Fonkert, Lidwina Gunawan, Taylor Hess, Erin Hunt, Anna Kroll, Rob Lawrence, Lola Liu, Andrew Meyer, Preston Mila, Coralis Rodriguez-Torres, Kyle Vansice, Tyler Wurr, Rongchuan Zhang